• Nov. 21 - WINNEMUCCA, NV

    Thursday (Nov. 21, 2013) - Winnemucca, NV - Winner's Casino 8pm
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  • Wayne Says Funny Things

    "WWJT - What Would Jesus Tweet?" (8/10/2012)... "It's sad when stupid people have money," he said in reference to the cast of Jersey Shore. (7/24/2012)...
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  • A Bit About Wayne

    Wayne grew up in towns across the western United States. He was born in Reno but by the time he was in 7th grade, he'd been to 8 different schools! After living in South Lake Tahoe, two towns in Montana, back to South Lake, then southern California, Wayne's parents settled in Yerington (small-town Nevada) until he graduated from high school. After a year of college and a four-year stint in the Air Force, Wayne came back to his birth-town and discovered comedy!
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Watch the series premiere episode of All My Crackheads (Episode 1 Where’re We Gonna Get Some Mo’ Crack?) here!


All My Crackheads, the comedy web series written and produced by Wayne Walsh, follows the lives of a loose band of down-on-their-luck characters who scratch out a living on the streets of Reno. Stay tuned!  Episode 2 is on its way!



Wayne at Catch a Rising Star (2012)

Wayne in a Tutu (2012)

Wayne Handles a Heckler! (2011)

Wayne Goes Club-Clean #1 (2011)

Wayne Goes Club-Clean #2 (2011)

At BLCC (2011)

What’s Wayne Like On Morphine? (2010)

Fans on Wayne Being Mowed Down by a Guy Driving a Van!!! (no, seriously) 2010

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Wayne Walsh is a fast-paced comic whose clever material pushes the limits of edgy.  His style is shockingly funny and thought-provoking in that “did he really say that?” kind of way.  Wayne’s commanding stage presence keeps him one of Northern Nevada’s favorite local comics and a highlight of tours across the western United States.  He has had the pleasure of opening for nationally known comics such as DanteTony Camin, Rob Cantrell, Dan Gabriel, and Doug Stanhope.  Experiences growing up in rural towns, serving in the Air Force, and living in the Biggest Litte City in the World allow Wayne to connect with peopl of all backgrounds.  He got his start in rough, smoky bars full of rowdy drunks, but he’s just as comfortable in club-clean rooms.  Sometimes dirty, always edgy, if you are looking for anything from PG13 to XXX, Wayne Walsh is the comic for you!

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Wayne Walsh

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