Wayne’s Quotes

“WWJT – What Would Jesus Tweet?” (8/10/2012)

“It’s sad when stupid people have money,” he said in reference to the cast of Jersey Shore. (7/24/2012)

To the noisy crowd during 3rd Street Bar’s Open Mic Comedy Night: “We know you have choices when it comes to having your conversations and we here at 3rd Street Bar appreciate you having them here at our comedy show!” (6/27/2012)

I don’t know if this qualifies as ‘funny,’ but here goes:  ”If life was easy, everybody would do it.” (5/10/2012 – Yep, he’s dark.)


Wayne to Chelsea: “You’re funny.”

Chelsea: “That’s why you like me so much.”

Wayne: “Yeah, I like you because you’re funny.  I love you because you’re not funnier than I am!”

(3/25/2012 – #RelationshipBanter)


Setting: Under the 4th Street overpass, which has inches and inches of pigeon droppings on the concrete, while shooting a scene from “89512.”

A real homeless lady approaches and says, “My husband is Mexican… and he sweeps up under here.”

Wayne looks at the pigeon droppings then says, “Yeah, he did a great job sweeping; I can tell he’s Mexican.” (3/18/2012 #RenoCrazyPeople)


“Chelsea, you’re a big white girl.  You gotta expect the only black guy in the bar to talk to you.” (2/26/2012 – Self explanatory.)


?”‘You come in through the back; I’ll come in through the front.  We’ll shake hands in the middle.’”

(2/1/2012 – He said this in reference to a table of people, which he’d accused of dealing drugs, getting up and walking out of 3rd Street.)


“If any of you were looking to contract chlamydia tonight, your chances just walked out the door.”

(1/25/12 – He shouted from the stage at 3rd Street after a drunken, heckling woman stumbled out the front door.)


“This is the first time I’ve been on the news without the words ‘armed and dangerous’ following my name.”

(1/25/2012 – His opening statement during a live interview on KOLO 8 News at Midday.)


“Ya know when you do something at work… that just ends your entire career? Yeah, I just did that.”

(1/18/12 – He said this on stage after he tried new, over-the-edge jokes at 3rd Street without knowing the Catch a Rising Star manager was in the audience.)


“I love Butte. I might buy a trailer here.”

(1/13/12 – He really does love audiences in Butte, btw, he was sincere.)

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