Watch the series premiere episode of All My Crackheads (Episode 1 Where’re We Gonna Get Some Mo’ Crack?) here!


All My Crackheads, the comedy web series written and produced by Wayne Walsh, follows the lives of a loose band of down-on-their-luck characters who scratch out a living on the streets of Reno. Stay tuned!  Episode 2 is on its way!



Wayne at Catch a Rising Star (2012)

Wayne in a Tutu (2012)

Wayne Handles a Heckler! (2011)

Wayne Goes Club-Clean #1 (2011)

Wayne Goes Club-Clean #2 (2011)

At BLCC (2011)

What’s Wayne Like On Morphine? (2010)

Fans on Wayne Being Mowed Down by a Guy Driving a Van!!! (no, seriously) 2010

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